What Is Call Tracking Metrics (CTM) and Why Do I Need It?

Record, measure, and listen to the calls your advertising efforts generate in real-time!

All phone call data is seamlessly linked to your Google Analytics, making it easy to define your exact ROI from your Search and AdWords campaigns. Plus, with Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), you can switch phone numbers on your site based on each AdWords Campaign.

Here's how it works:

  • A lead sees your advertisement online.
  • They see the "call extension" and call in through the ad.
  • Someone from your business answers the phone and engages the prospect in conversation.
  • CTM records the call that happens.
  • We get to hear the recording of the conversation and score how good of a lead that was based on the quality of the conversation (i.e. was the lead a tire-kicker, or seriously interested in your offering?).

Here's the most important piece.

After we listen to the conversation to access whether or not the lead was good or not, we go into your Google AdWords account and score the lead. This gives Google a lot of great data to work with.

If the lead was of poor quality, Google will limit the amount of times the ad gets shown to the same type of person.

If the lead was great, Google will show your ads to similar people who fit that leads profile.

End result?

You get more conversions for a better cost.

***Please note that we pay for your Call Tracking Membership when we manage your advertising campaigns. The only cost to you is the monthly cost per number (In the US it is usually $1.50/number) and the cost per minute, which is usually less than $0.05 per minute.

Here's a quick bullet list of CTM's features, and why we think it's worth the cost:

  • Track all your online and offline advertising campaigns
  • Dynamic Number Insertion will show phone numbers on your website based on the advertising channel that they came from
  • Listen to your calls in real-time
  • Immediately see information about the call (Ad, Keyword, Page Views, History)
  • Route calls to one or more receiving phone numbers
  • Geo-route calls to the office closest to the caller
  • Setup call queues and instantly route calls to the next available agent

Here is a screenshot of all the information you can receive about where exactly a call was coming from.

Last updated on 28th June 2021

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